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Travin Keith

Consortio Group AG

Travin Keith, a blockchain minimalist and former digital nomad, has been involved with numerous projects around the space in the past six years and is currently focused on his role as the CTO of Consortio Group, a company in Switzerland that assists its clients in finding solutions combining everything from established technologies to emerging technologies, including blockchain technology. He is also a Co-Founder of Stokr, a securities token platform, an Advisor for SmartCash, a project focusing on community growth and business adoption as peer-to-peer digital cash, an Administrator for BitcoinMarkets, one of the oldest and largest public trading groups, and an Advisor for Sora, a decentralized autonomous economy, as well as many other projects that contribute to increasing the demand for products high in caffeine. In the past he was was the Founder of Altrean, a freedom-focused wallet and Agavon, a blockchain consulting company.